Friday, February 13, 2009


"Penantian adalah satu penyiksaan" (Waiting is torture)

These past three weeks have indeed been "torturous". Waiting teaches one to be patient and in Islam, patience is half of faith. Alas, my patience is running thin. When will I receive the much-anticipated email informing me to attend that interview? Hundred questions race across my mind. Maybe my application isn't good enough? Maybe my MCAT grades is the sole reason for not being shortlisted? Arghh!! My sleep is often interrupted by images of rejections and uncertainties. Well, I had done all that I possibly could. So now I wait...

I remember an old Malay movie where the hero told his lady, "Kalau sudi katakan sudi, tidak hamba ternanti-nanti" (If you want me, say so and I'd not have waited in vain). Sigh... I'll try to be positive about the long and emotionally exhaustive US medical school application experience. After all, the journey is the reward. Loved ones reminded me not to give up. Que sera sera. God, pls help me!

Monday, February 09, 2009

The water bag has burst! And it is a beautiful baby whom we named

Aww... the labour was certainly worth it! So Young AMP family members, pls. make time to get to know the new addition to our family.

:) 'Surrogate mum' Hidayah