Thursday, June 30, 2011

Singapore Muslim Students Overseas (SMSO)

Nadiah & myself founded the Singapore Muslim Students Overseas (SMSO), a support network for Singapore Muslims students around the world. We met for teh tarik on 6 May 2011 in London (after we voted in the Singapore General Elections).

We hope that SMSO will continue to grow with chapters mushrooming around the world! :)

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Read Berita Harian article & networking tea invite on UKSCC

May Ball

Ahh... the legendary Cambridge May Ball
I was fortunate to attend the much coveted 'The First & Third Trinity Boat Club May Ball' on 20 June (9 pm to 6 am). The experience was simply amazing. I'm still gushing about it...
I look forward to "banish the blues, redden up the embers and explore the blackest night" again next year :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Malays of University of Cambridge

It's Easter term already? Gasp... where did time fly to? This term is madness, what with the exams, thesis-writing... As I frantically try to study and finish up reading that stacks of books, my mind wonders off... did the Malays of University of Cambridge in yesteryears struggle like how I'm struggling now?

Kak Putri's timely message on Facebook enclosing a photo of her uncle Raja Zahar (photo: top left) inspired me to compile photos of the Malays who studied at Cambridge. I'm so impressed with their achievements and contributions to society. Will I be able to walk in their giant shoes?

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