Sunday, September 20, 2015

Postcard + Brochure = Postchure

Check out our latest postchure (postcard + brochure).
Guys and Girls who read are hot! 

Helang Books may be new to the publishing world but like the eagle, we are visionaries and will soar in spite of obstacles and hate remarks thrown at us. I quote from my Mina meets Cambridge book:

Hidayah’s Journey 

“When I was in junior college, I wanted to apply to Oxford University but my civics tutor discouraged me. He thought I was not smart enough, and that Oxford would not accept me.

When I was working, I wanted to apply for the postgraduate scholarship offered by my employer but my boss refused to give support. He believed I was not good enough to enter the well-known universities I had named in my application. He told me to apply to ‘easier-to-get-in universities’ instead.

Thankfully for me, I did not heed their advice. I worked hard and persevered. I did not give up. I was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship, amongst other prizes and scholarships received in the course of my studies. I also graduated from Cambridge University. 

So, never let anyone belittle you or say that you cannot do it. Always believe in your abilities. Remember, success is sweeter especially when you have had to struggle to achieve it. You can and should dream big!”

Saturday, September 19, 2015

'Mina meets Cambridge' book launch

Sunday, 13 Sept 2015, 12 pm - World, meet Mina! 
It all started with a challenge by Oxford boy Helmi who picked up a picture book about Oxford and said, "Surely Cambridge can write a better children's book than Oxford." 
There's always this perceived rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge. Well, Oxford might have started on a few things but Cambridge always made them better! Hehehe... 
Although Cambridge University Press doesn't publish children's books anymore, and NAC rejected my funding application etc., we persevered despite the challenges and voila, Mina is born! As per the values put forth in the book, we walked the talk and gave a first-time book illustrator the opportunity to work with us. When we believe in the potential of people, we might just be surprised with the results! 

Story: Mina is excited to visit her elder sister, Zara, in Cambridge. Mina has heard so much about Cambridge University from Zara and longs to visit. As Mina spends time with her sister, she discovers many interesting facts about Cambridge. However, she wonders why Zara does not seem to notice the charming characters they meet along the way…
Mina meets Cambridge is a whimsical story of an imaginative girl’s adventure in Cambridge. There, she learns that in order to be successful, one needs to work hard, persevere, and have the courage to dream big.

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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Back from Soul Vacation

Yes, I'm back from Mecca and Madinah (celebrated Ramadan and Eid-ul Fitr there). Seems like I was away for a long time. What a magical experience! I'm truly blessed and humbled to be invited as God's guest to the holy lands. God, please invite me back...

*More stories soon. Watch this space!