Friday, April 27, 2007

La Nuit

I've been spending late nights mugging away in the library.... and my eyes caught some breathtaking images....

blank night sky
into my teacup -
a moon dived.
~ Zaleha Ahmat, Malaysian writer

Monday, April 16, 2007

Rumi's poetry

Pemacu kuda telah melintas
Debu derunya berkepul ke udara
Jangan kau tumpukan pada habuk ini
Arah pemacu adalah nun di sana.

*Thank you Kak Zaleha Ahmat of Melaka, Malaysia for sending me this beautifully translated & inspiring poem by the Persian philosopher Rumi.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lehigh's 13th President

President Alice Gast was inaugurated as Lehigh University's 13th president (& our first woman president) on April 12, 2007.

In her inaugural remarks, Gast issued a bold call for the university community “to roll up our sleeves and grapple with some of the bigger problems in our world today.” She outlined 3 areas where the university “can help change our community, the nation and the world”:
• Bring the diverse perspectives of the interdisciplinary Environmental Initiative “under one roof” to better respond to “the great strains imposed on the world’s resources, climate and environment.”
• Create a Center for Global Islamic Studies to offer “an integrated and innovative undergraduate program” capable of producing “a more balanced, comparative view of the communities of Islam to our students and to society.
• Engage “all parts of the university” in a coordinated effort to meet “the challenge of the effective provision of health care.”

Come on Lehigh, “Let us set our sights high!”

*Alice Gast biography:

Monday, April 09, 2007

Our Date

As I walked down Longwood Avenue in Boston, my heart raced with anticipation. I hastened my steps and saw Starbucks en face de Children's Hospital. I opened the door and glanced around. The cafe was filled with students discussing away over hot coffee, working on their laptops or simply reading from the thick medical books. But I didn't see you...

I walked to the counter and ordered a Mocha latte. I strained my ears to listen to the soft music in the background. Alas, it was not 'Drops of Jupiter' like we hoped it would be. I sat in a quiet corner overlooking the street and sipped my latte. There were some stolen glances from those dark haired, chiseled face Harvard men sitting near me. But I didn't return their shy smiles. I looked out at the street and waited...

Did you forget our date? Or did you choose to forget "the best soya latte that you ever had... and me..."

Road trip to Harvard, M.I.T et...

We have been receiving guests from all over USA and the world this semester... seems like everyone wants to visit us at Lehigh!
In the midst of midterms stress and enduring the cold (brr...), we got together and planned a road trip to Massachusetts over the Easter weekend. We had so much fun and laughter. All the impromptu planning and negotiations and there was not even a single quarrel! All of us helped fulfil each other's 'niat' (wishes):

Emillia (from London): extended her stay just to see more of America
Farah, Azy (both from Wisconsin) & Ika: walked around Harvard courtyard and relived the Korean drama "Love Story in Harvard"
Zai aka Jimmy: went back to Bringham Hospital where he was born and visited Northeastern University, his Ayah's Alma Mater
Zhafri aka Zop (from Delaware): savoured those mouth watering cheesecakes at "The Cheesecake Factory" in Cambridge
Hidayah: toured Harvard Medical School with its marbled pillars and equally high level of academia

Thank you beloved siblings for the camaraderie, singing songs in the van, squeezing in small rooms to sleep without any complaints, & rushing around Massachusetts in the cold with much enthusiasm!

I smile every time I remember Zop & Jimmy's gentle reminders, "Sakit-sakit tu tandanya dah sampai seru nak kahwin... You need someone to take care of you!" Tenang, tenang :)

The UN intern

This picture was taken 7 months ago in Manhanttan. The thought of interning at the United Nations (UN) Headquarters never did cross my mind then....
However, I was recently informed that I've been selected as an intern at the Department of Public Information of the UN. Gosh... I'm still in shock. Everyone at Lehigh is excited for me, even President Alice Gast wishes me well for my 6 months pro-bono internship.
What a whirlwind state of affair! Such exciting news amidst the bizzare cold weather that is sweeping the Northeast in Spring!
Watch out New York! Hidayah will be moving from quiet Bethlehem to the city that never sleeps!