Monday, April 09, 2007

Road trip to Harvard, M.I.T et...

We have been receiving guests from all over USA and the world this semester... seems like everyone wants to visit us at Lehigh!
In the midst of midterms stress and enduring the cold (brr...), we got together and planned a road trip to Massachusetts over the Easter weekend. We had so much fun and laughter. All the impromptu planning and negotiations and there was not even a single quarrel! All of us helped fulfil each other's 'niat' (wishes):

Emillia (from London): extended her stay just to see more of America
Farah, Azy (both from Wisconsin) & Ika: walked around Harvard courtyard and relived the Korean drama "Love Story in Harvard"
Zai aka Jimmy: went back to Bringham Hospital where he was born and visited Northeastern University, his Ayah's Alma Mater
Zhafri aka Zop (from Delaware): savoured those mouth watering cheesecakes at "The Cheesecake Factory" in Cambridge
Hidayah: toured Harvard Medical School with its marbled pillars and equally high level of academia

Thank you beloved siblings for the camaraderie, singing songs in the van, squeezing in small rooms to sleep without any complaints, & rushing around Massachusetts in the cold with much enthusiasm!

I smile every time I remember Zop & Jimmy's gentle reminders, "Sakit-sakit tu tandanya dah sampai seru nak kahwin... You need someone to take care of you!" Tenang, tenang :)

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