Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lehigh's 13th President

President Alice Gast was inaugurated as Lehigh University's 13th president (& our first woman president) on April 12, 2007.

In her inaugural remarks, Gast issued a bold call for the university community “to roll up our sleeves and grapple with some of the bigger problems in our world today.” She outlined 3 areas where the university “can help change our community, the nation and the world”:
• Bring the diverse perspectives of the interdisciplinary Environmental Initiative “under one roof” to better respond to “the great strains imposed on the world’s resources, climate and environment.”
• Create a Center for Global Islamic Studies to offer “an integrated and innovative undergraduate program” capable of producing “a more balanced, comparative view of the communities of Islam to our students and to society.
• Engage “all parts of the university” in a coordinated effort to meet “the challenge of the effective provision of health care.”

Come on Lehigh, “Let us set our sights high!”

*Alice Gast biography:

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Mel said...

Hi Cik Ida! I'm impressed with her 3rd pt! Is she a Muslim herself? On a whole how's the Islamic acceptance there now?

Btw, I've just started a blog myself. :) Can I link you?