Saturday, August 22, 2009

Invasion of Indon women

Kak Waty & Yasmine from Fresh Meadows came to visit (one week after Steve & Din left) along with an entourage of warm and nice Indonesian aunts. 

Ahh.... how I miss staying with Kak Waty in New York. How Yasmine has grown! Tears rolled down our cheeks as talked about how we lost our loved ones last year - Pak Rurun to cancer and my mum to heart attack. May Allah place them among the blessed.

Lehigh brothers visit Singapore

Learning to fly
A view to a kill
@ Fish Spa!
What the fish!

Steve & Din came to visit in early August. What fun we had! Jalan2. Makan2. Cakap2. Gaduh2. *LOL...

Come to Singapore again lah! :)