Wednesday, April 26, 2006

a feeling of a boy

a top Kalapathar, a Loneliness
a solitude
a rock my a chair
a rock my a pillow
a blessed shield from a cruel blow of an ice dragon wings.

a half, honeyed nougat Mars bar in my a hand
a half in my a soul
a hot chocolate drink by my a side
a stone in my a butt
a edge a step a-way
an end
a feeling as if a life.

a wind telling a news
a sight made from loveliness, mine eyes a lightly shut
an old sun high,
a sky a light ice-creamy blew above
a lovely land in my a mind
a heaven a being so near a warmth,
a yearning so dear

a dream of a every thing
a thinking of a You a You....
a straight browned hair of a shoulder long
a top of a head of a girl shaded fair
a feeling.... a feeling as if a love.

a-love and a-kiss

[written by Assad, Hidayah's trekking buddy]

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