Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hartford Seminary & Yale

What else did I do in Connecticut?
1) Thanks to Mike Lewis who drove me to Hartford, I managed to meet up Zalman's family. I had a lovely time in his house. We went to the parks and the Windsor Mosque for Friday prayers.
2) Walked around Hartford Seminary (white modern building) where Zalman, my Singapore Fulbrighter friend is currently pursuing his Masters of Art (Religious Studies).
3) Steve brought Ali & I to have Malay food at Kari Restaurant in New Haven. Teh Tarik, Tom Yum soup, Mango Chicken, Nasi LemakSambal Stingray... yum... (but nothing compares to the Sambal Stingray back home)
4) I visited Yale (Lux et Veritas & some Hebrew motto - I think it's Or YomZotam Yom). Very 'Cambridgish'! Yale like Lehigh are great schools in poor, rough neighbourhoods.

Thank you Stephen Gerard Lewis for driving us to and fro (hey, I offered to take over the wheel, remember?) from Pennsylvania to Connecticut. I will not forget the brake malfunction problems, interesting conversations in the car (yes, we will find you a Malay wife soon!) and the detours to the Palisades and not-Cherry Hills White Castle! Lehigh students unite!

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