Monday, March 24, 2008

Lehigh Family Reunion @ KL

What a whirlwind, exciting weekend I had in Kuala Lumpur (KL)!
Bonding with Lehigh friends (the guys made it back from Kertih & Trengganu), meeting up my creative designer pal Tadaffee & his lovely wife, Farah; Putrajaya, glorious food (Pavillion & Nasi Padang at Ampang), chilling, donut and The Loaf (huhu), F1 madness (courtesy of Maxis' updates on my iPhone), talking about Ika's famous politician neighbour, lugging my books back, driving in heavy rain in KL's jam and almost getting into an accident with one crazy taxi driver, surviving the LRT sardine squeeze and Nasi Ayam Itik (!).

I miss everyone already :( 
Steve, you should have flown to KL from USA. We can relive the good ole times... remember when we drove the Budget truck across Pennsylvania?

+More of the Nasi Ayam Itik story when I find time to breathe... argghhh...

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