Monday, June 23, 2008

Emak's passing

Asia Jofrie (Cik Yah of Gedung Kuning), a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul.
Emak (Mum) passed away suddenly on 18 June 2008. When I kissed and hugged Emak that evening, she hugged me a little longer. I smiled and said, "Emak, it's not as if I'm not going to see you again, I'll visit you tomorrow..." Alas, she returned to our Creator about 15 minutes after I left her. Oh Emak!
Emak was truly the epitome of a good wife and mother. She was kind, patient, gentle and loving. She spoke softly, did not think badly of others and was religious. Many old neighbours, friends and relatives attended the funeral. How everyone cried.

I have many wonderful memories of Emak. Even while I was away in America, I talked to her almost every other day. She listened to my woes and comforted me. She advised me and was understanding and supportive of my ambitions. Yes, we had our differences and petty mother-daughter squabbles but how I love her!

"Cik Idah, your hair is long now..." Emak commented. As I continued to rub Vicks on her back a few days before her demise, she made 2 doa for me. Even in sickness, Emak thought of her only daughter's well-being.

My beloved Emak, I pray that you will be placed among the blessed and virtuous in Paradise, ameen.


shalleh said...

My prayers are for her too. May Allah swt shower His mercy and blessing on her soul and raise her among the priviledge ones in the hereafter.


shalleh said...

Let me know if your family plan to have a tahlil for her. I am keen to participate.

siew said...

Condolences to you and your family. Take care.

Intan said...

Dear Hidayah

Today, I just decided to find out where you are now....and remembered your blog. But I was so shocked to read your most recent entry.
I can't begin to tell you how sorry and sad I am at your loss. My doas are for your late mother. Take care dear Hidayah.