Tuesday, January 20, 2009

new year : new mood : new spirit

How time flies! It's been 1 year since I returned from the USA. Lots of things had happened, lots of adjustment I had to do, lots of tears and headaches but lots of revelations too. The 6 degrees of separation is apparently reduced to 2 in Singapore, especially among the Malays. I recently found out that Alwi Hafiz and me are related through our fathers and that Hamid, one of AMP's Directors is Mama's nephew! 


*photo of Emak and Mama

My new year's resolutions? Embark on new adventures comme toujours, continue my exercise regime, get that book published, go back to school, make that book:cafe idea materialise, etc. Yes, the list is endless. And Emak is still on my mind and heart; going through tedious medical school applications is but a therapy for my grief (knowing that it is one of Emak's last wishes for me). 

I recently watched a Malaysian 3D animation - Upin & Ipin. Like those adorable twins, I'm too without a mother. But life goes on, n'est pas? "Betul betul betul" Ipin nodded.

Ah yes, some have asked if the eagle and wolf story is a reflection of my own. I'm sure Emak would have asked too... Oh Emak!


Anonymous said...

*Hugs* May we reach our goals and fulfill our dreams, babe.

Putri Ibrizah Zahariman said...

Have vs Don't have?!
Concentrate of the 'Have'.