Thursday, April 02, 2009

That Princeton Junction train

Remember Daniel Harray, NY actor and my travelling partner in the Nov 2007 blog entry "The Journey of the Rice Cooker'? Well, he recently invited me to Druids in Hell's Kitchen, NY for his birthday celebration. Alas, since I'm still in Singapore (and not leaving for medical school in the USA anytime soon), I emailed him my regrets.

Dan's reply: "I hope that you will not be discouraged, and will continue to realize your dream of becoming a doctor. And I'll be on the lookout for the Princeton Junction train -- not to mention, Krispy Kreme donuts!"

I remembered writing about the trip on that Princeton Junction train: " have to go through arduous journey (be brave to take alternative routes, be patient, maintain that sense of humour, don't give up, encourage fellow passengers along the way) before you can reach the ivy-covered tower. Just ask the rice cooker who endured the hardship and is now in Fadzilah's Princeton..."

So will Redfleece patiently brave the long arduous journey of becoming a surgeon?

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Anonymous said...

YES she will. I believe so. :P