Monday, May 18, 2009

S'pore Historic Buildings 101: Gedung Kuning

Venue: Visitors' Briefing Room, Level 1, National Library
Date & time: Sat 16 May 2009, 2 pm

Very little is known of Gedung Kuning or the Yellow Mansion at No. 73 Sultan Gate. Once a stately residence for a Bendahara or Prime Minister, Gedung Kuning was home to the family of Haji Yusoff ‘Tali Pinggang’ or Haji Yusoff the Belt Merchant.

Haji Yusoff, patriarch of Gedung Kuning was a respected merchant who toiled at his business and was recognised as one of the great pioneers of the Malay community. Gedung Kuning has witnessed the seasons of Haji Yusoff’s family through four generations, and its gate welcomed the poor who came to ask for alms. Even to the very last day when the family moved out, Gedung Kuning stood proud befitting its royal colour and stature.

Hidayah Amin, one of Haji Yusoff’s great-granddaughters revisits her childhood home, taking you beyond the gate guarded by stone eagles, through rooms with big mirrors and marble floors and shares interesting anecdotes growing up in Gedung Kuning, the legacy of a Malay family in Singapore.

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Euphoria said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my page. The first time I saw the "tepak sireh" restaurant, i thought it has refurbish and paint it into yellow building, but then when I read your blog, it was actually yellow or known as "gedung kuning" since it was first built. =) The house has it's own charm and the location is very strategic!