Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Land of the Thunder Dragon

Yes, I'm back from Druk Yul (Bhutan), the Land of the Thunder Dragon. What an experience volunteering on the Singapore International Foundation's Bhutan W.I.R.E.D project. Tiring, as Faizah and I were travelling from one village to another every 2 days. Felt like a rock band on tour (yes Germaine, you're the best rock band manager!). Extreme weather differences, lots of mossies and creepy crawlies, winding roads, wonderful polite students, sexy men in Gho, marijuana (ganja) growing wildly along the roads. No wonder Bhutanese are the happiest people on earth! *grin...

More photos will be posted on my FB when I fully recover from the vomiting bout (yep, was fasting in Bhutan and the body lacks the fluid to wash down the Malaria pills...). Ahh, the joys of volunteer work!

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