Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Minah in Cambridge - Michaelmas Term

After all that misplaced documents and delayed visa drama, I'm finally matriculated at Newnham College, University of Cambridge. This Minah is now officially a student of Cambridge, the best university in the world! At matriculation (we were dressed in our gowns), we had to sign our names in the grand book only with a fountain pen.

"The reason why we need you to sign in this book, which will be kept in the university for eternity, is because when you win a Nobel Prize, we can tell the world that you were once a student of our college."

Such statement is so inspiring, unlike the statement given to me by a certain Malay community leader who said I will be a nuisance to society upon graduating from Cambridge. So that leader is implying that all Cambridge graduates (world leaders, countless Nobel laureates, scientists, acclaimed writers) are also nuisance to society? Has the Malay society regressed to the era of Hang Nadim, where young intelligent minds were killed by those in power when they could have otherwise nurture what could have been the country's future leaders? What a shame! Our community is in desperate need of good role models who are not singers, artists or glorified personalities with no real passion to help others. Sedarlah Melayu Singapura!

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Anonymous said...

yay! i'm so happppyyyyy for you.


Edzwan Redza said...

Aim for the sky Hidayah :)