Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love's Dizziness

Even with the heated debates on rising fees at Cambridge, the varsity papers are also abuzz with Valentine's Day debates. Argghh... my mailbox is flooded with College Speed-dating Swaps and Blind Date invites (proceeds from both will go to charity). Alas, I'm jaded and disillusioned with love. Even 'Demon Wind', my short story that will be published in the Newnham Short Story book, is about what else but love and betrayal. I jokingly said to my ever enthusiastic friends who wanted to introduce me to potential soul mates, that "Men just disappoint me that I have to turn my attention to vampires!" Hee3. Oui, my current crush is on the unbelievably hot Salvatore brothers of 'The Vampire Diaries' series! *wink
p.s Euminl, you're to be 'blamed' for introducing the series :)

My against-Valentine's-Day-bah-humbug heart softened when I saw Vampire Diaries' 'Crying Wolf' episode. Bonnie finally put aside her prejudices and judgement and saw Jeremy in a different light (see video clip here). Although I've seen better kisses, theirs I felt was Epic.

To all jaded souls like yours truly, perhaps we should give love another chance. Yes, you preppy varsity Blues rower, perhaps this time, you could smile back at that shy girl who had been stealing glances at you during the Cambridge Union Society debates. And you, law girl with the tortoise rimmed glasses, can't you see how that dark-haired lad in the Vermont T-shirt who seemed interested in discussing your essay is so into you?

As for me, yes, I think "you're hot. Enough already." *blush

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