Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jernih berkaca

It's been nearly a month since I returned from the UK. As much as I miss my home in Cambridge, it was good spending time with family members and friends in Singapore. The sweltering heat was unbearable, what with fasting and all. Anyway, I made time to visit friends in Kuala Lumpur and oh yes to buy baju kurung and some kuih raya. The short trip was made more special as I met up with friends whom I've not seen in ages, friends from Cambridge as well as meeting up a new friend. 

How lovely it was to spend some simple yet quality time with my new friend. I almost felt 'sebak' after our Sunday dinner together. As we talked over the fried beef dish, I held back my tears. Why was I reacting this way? Why did I not want to say goodbye? Anuar Zain's 'Kembalilah Kasih' played gently at the back of my mind as I waved goodbye to my friend whom I've grown fondly of over the past eight months, a friendship spanning over the Atlantic Ocean. When we finally met last week, it seemed so natural, no awkwardness; we're just being ourselves, the same selves we made known to one another. But perhaps I was the only one who felt the heaviness of parting...

I visited my mum's grave yesterday. Amidst the sobbing and making doa for her, I whispered to my mum, "I met someone. He seems nice and I think I'm falling for him. I don't know if he feels the same but I thought you should to know this and I'd like your blessing."
Kini hilang dari pandangan, jernih berkaca
Sayu suaramu...

Updates: I should have known better... I was just someone whom he could confide in when he was facing life's hardships. Nothing more. Oh well... no news now means no interest lah. Oh what a fool I had been!

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