Saturday, October 04, 2014

The Madness of K

*This is the continuation of 'The Story of K'; my first attempt at writing haiku*

K finally returned home
Empty nest, just despise, sad her
Hate that mop of hair

New friends, nice friends

Life smells sweet like BREEZE
Fly with me, Elise!

My sister, guide me please

Does this path lead to greatness?
Acceptance, friends, I neither have.

Talented you are Elise

Conquer the world, we both can
K, help you I promise. 

Poor K, awkward maybe

Heart of gold, yet misunderstood
Blind is the world today.

Famous K, now in news
The frog no longer hides beneath
Throw away that coconut shell

I can't work with you!

Elise, Rose, Holly, we are still friends
The limelight I won't share

Malicious YOU, not me
See, I have new, wonderful friends
Listen to me they do.

K is for Kaduk 
Once creeping wildly on the forest's bed
Now celebrated over bride's head


I am K, not Kaduk
Sick you are, not me!

The Madness of K

Narcissistic, Megalomanic, P.D. we are, not you
The President is always right.

Hah! Jealousy I detect

God is neither blind nor deaf, K
Justice always prevails, though late.

*Haiku is a Japanese poetry form that consist of 17 or 21 words, in three phrases of 5, 7, 5 or 7, 9, 7 syllables
+P.D. = Personality Disorder

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