Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wa si Limpeh

The heat is making me so lethargic... But I must start writing! Argghh.... how how?

So to start my engine roaring, I sought inspiration from watching all 3 of Jack Neo's 'Ah Boys to Men' films. You heard me. I am embracing my closeted Char Bor self and learning all those Hokkien words. Remember, I dated 2 Chinese (Hokkien) boys when I was in junior college/pre-varsity days... In fact, someone in the LimPeh music video reminded me of those 2 guys and brought back lovely memories of being in love with someone from a different culture and ethnicity. Ahhh... sibey nostalgic.

Anyway, I wasn't just crushing after a certain limpeh, I actually managed to write 5 short stories that I sent for the Golden Point Award competition. In fact, 3 of the stories are written in Malay! Not bad, right? Although I am currently learning the Banjarese language (my father is of Banjarese ethnicity but I think I know more Hokkien than the Banjarese language), I will also brush up my Hokkien so that je parlerai avec le garcon qu'il a un grain de beaute sur son visage! 

ps. The Mango Tree is also shortlisted for the Samsung KidsTime Author's Award. 3 awards for 1 book! Wah, damn kio tio! 

pps. What is Banjarese? Read my 'Malay Weddings Don't Cost $50 and other Facts about Malay Culture' book to find out lah!

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