Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Story 4 - A (in)Sidious Game of Matchmaking

Why do some nice nice guys and girls finish last? C'est ne pas juste! This last story is called 'The Deception on the Innocent One'. It happened to one Jar Jar Binks in Naboo...

Yes, Jar Jar Binks (let's call him JJ) wasn't the handsomest or smartest Gungan. But he was hardworking and had a kind heart. Some people made fun of JJ and even used him. But JJ was one who believed in forgiveness. 

Anyway, JJ received a proposition from Darth Maul, a powerful Sith Lord. Darth Maul, unlike other 'villains' was comfortable in his own skin and didn't hide his face behind a cloak. JJ admired this about Darth Maul and felt that since he didn't hide his face, he didn't cloak his intentions. 

Darth Maul 'persuaded' JJ to marry a young woman named Ysanne from Kessel. Darth Maul said, Ysanne's conservative and poor family needed someone to take their daughter away from the mining planet that had been fought over by crime lords for its valuable spice. They feared for Ysanne's life. Darth Maul told JJ that he needn't have to sleep with Ysanne. Just marry her, take her away from Kessel and then he could divorce her after nine months if he wanted to. "Don't you want to be a hero, JJ?" Darth Maul whispered.

So, the big-hearted JJ married Ysanne. He noticed that Ysanne was vomitting and having stomach cramps during the first week of their marriage. Strange? Maybe she caught a bug. Alas, Ysanne was already carrying someone's else child and the family wanted to cover up the 'embarassing' affair. Gosh, could the father of the baby be... Darth Maul? JJ was angry but as he had made a promise, he stayed with Ysanne and agreed that his 'son' would be a Binks. After Ysanne had delivered safely, he left her and lived in the outskirts of Naboo, feeling dejected and useless.

I heard JJ later remarried and had daughters. A sickly old man now, JJ's family worries that his 'son' would come back and claim JJ's inheritance (he had earned a considerable amount of money as a general in the Gungan army later on in his life).

*Moral of the story: Never rush into something just because someone you so-called 'admire' asked you to.

Cassian, surely Father Sidious has hidden motives to push you to marry his daughter? This is not rocket science. Still, even if it is, you as a Rebel Intelligence Officer, could figure that out!

**Story is based on real events. Names are changed for privacy.

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