Sunday, November 12, 2017

Daria's Ranting - Royal Guard Saves the Day

*I am posting this eighteenth ranting as my alter-ego the misanthropic Daria Morgendorffer

“She’s always fighting about her family home.”
“Better not involve her in our organization/activities, she always fights against the authority. About her mango tree lah, Gedung Kuning etc.”
“She is always writing letters urging the authority to look into the unfairness of the AMLA and other laws. She’s crazy.”

Recent Victory:
In 1999, a Deed of Assignment was signed by the descendants of Mohamed (Haji Yusoff’s son from Noribah, his first wife). The assignees assigned to Shaik Raheem s/o Abdul Shaik Shaik Dawood “all rights, title, estate and interest, including any rights under any trusts, in all the property real and personal of whatever and wherever situate which may be due and payable to Assignors as the beneficiaries of the Estate of the said Mohamed Bin Haji Yousoff.”

The descendants of Haji Yusoff’s second wife (Hajah Aisah) aka my family were not aware of the Deed of Assignment until 2 October 2002 when the estate lawyers received a notification letter from Kalamohan & Co.

You may read about this long overdrawn saga here. 

I decided to help Mohamed’s family who was cheated. Like a sleuth, I dug up the dirt about Shaik Raheem who was a convicted criminal and a fraud. I read case files from the Commercial Affairs Division (CAD) and asked my lawyer friend to help me with my investigation. When we had sufficient evidence of possible fraud, I urged Mohamed’s family members to lodge a police report using all the documents I had gathered. Instead of thanking me, some of Mohamed’s family members scolded me and further defamed my Gedung Kuning family’s name (these people were actually afraid that I had uncovered how they had also cheated their own family members). 

To cut the long story short, after about a decade of effort and with the help of our estate lawyers, we have finally resolved the matter. But, crooks will be crooks. As Shaik Raheem had since passed away, his son now alleged that his father had given Mohamed’s family $300,000 and not $100,000. Of course, there was no evidence of this. We were prepared to take him to court but as of November 2017, he has agreed to settle the matter out of court and dissolve the fraudulent agreement of 4 August 1999. I am so happy and thankful that my effort had paid off. I did not receive any monetary reward for helping my extended family. I did what I did in the name of social justice and to protect the vulnerable family members from unscrupulous people who took advantage of them. Shame on the parties (some of whom Malay Muslims) who had facilitated the fraud! You may escape punishment on this earth but not the Hereafter. The Day of Reckoning cometh.

To reiterate, I will NEVER apologise for fighting for my family, yes, even for the extended Haji Yusoff family (from the first wife). I care about my family and will do anything to protect them from unjust and harm. Why should I be sorry about complaining against those who destroyed our family artefacts, or cut down my mango tree or even cheated our family members of their inheritance? I am more sorry for YOU who hurled all these vile accusations against me. It goes to show that you don’t love your family enough to defend them in times of crisis. If I am your family, I would be so ashamed to have you who will bail out at the first sign of distress. Boooo!

Like the Imperial Royal Guard, I will protect my beloved family members against any harmful attacks and wrongful acts by anyone, Sith Lord or Sand people. Peace.

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