Monday, July 31, 2006

Remembering the brave hearts

I was supposed to go to Yogjakarta in Java, Indonesia, 2 weeks ago to help the survivors of the Bantul earthquake. As Mt Merapi has stabilised, the mission was cancelled. The last Singapore Red Cross relief mission team returned home early July.

While I was busy with preparations for Lehigh, news of another tsunami rocked the airwaves.... Given that I am flying off soon, there was nothing much I can do but pray.

I remember how Tadaffee, my design partner, created an imaginary advertisement poster using the photos I have taken of tsunami-stricken Aceh:

[Finally... the solution to our problem! Clorox]

Here's to the brave survivors of the tsunami and other natural disasters and wars. We admire your great courage. May the world learn from you who smile in the face of grim.

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