Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Of MoMa and Prospect Park

I had a good time meeting up with old friends whom I knew from NUS days: Amali is currently pursuing his PhD at NYU & Raihan is teaching in Harlem. It was fun scrutinising the exhibits in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) with them last Friday. At dinner, Amali & I shared our thoughts on youth and poverty and possible projects that we could conduct. I also caught up on the latest updates from Singapore, one of which was about Azizah who just got married to the talented actor Rafaat Hamzah.

The rain almost made me gave up on Regina's Farewell Party; what with the F train not running that Sunday and getting lost in the huge Prospect Park in Brooklyn. But I continued "trekking", lugging Coke cans & cinnamon rolls. But it was wonderful to see Regina and Elizabeth again. Regina, good luck for the PhD in California! Liz, hope you’ll get in Georgetown Law School! Thanks Mark Collins for introducing me to such wonderful sisters. We're going to miss you when you return to Australia.

Alas, I didn't meet Josh Hartnett (in Wicker Park)... but I met some nice brothers in Prospect Park (*lol..) such as Zeeshan who works in the same department at the UN (what a small world!), Arif, Brown Uni grad who manages hedge funds, and Armir, Albanian civil engineer who is always mistaken for a religious Jewish man (so you knew about Bethlehem Steel?!). Hope to see you all in Singapore if you make that hijrah! :)

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