Monday, October 29, 2007

Autumn musings

My good friend and I caught up recently and exchanged updates about our college mates back home - who got married, who got promoted, who just moved into a swanky apartment etc. It then struck to me that ... I'm actually homeless, jobless (my internship is not paid), a little penniless, swinging single with no kids in tow! My friend got a tad depressed too. Count your blessings! I told her. Perhaps we may not have all the material things others have but we've been blessed in other ways. As I breathed in the fresh mountain air at Lehigh (yes, I went home for the weekend to rejuvenate and escape New York's schizophrenia), I realised how fortunate I have been... to be able to travel the world, study in 3 continents, meet people, experience different cultures and lifestyles, exchange ideas and enrich my world view. Alhamdulillah (Thank God).

"Nak tunggu january tak lama ke. You tak rindu family ke...." Another friend asked why I am only returning in January and whether I miss my family. Ahh... the question of missing. I have been truly blessed to have many people who care and miss me. I have "families" all over the world, in the USA, in Paris, in Nepal, and even in a tiny hamlet in Africa. To have people who encourage me and spur me on to greater heights, to have them comfort me in times of sorrow, to have them love me unconditionally and remember me in their prayers... these are definitely worth more than all the wealth in the world!

"Have you packed?" Wait a minute, isn't it too early to pack? Why can't you just say that you miss me and want me home soon?

I wonder... will my love life have a Wicker Park ending?

Or will it remain as an Anuar Zain's Mungkin?

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Matthew Eaves said...

You should turn your experience into a book Hidayah...

Hope all is well with you,