Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Thierry Amiel

I'm developing a little crush on Thierry Amiel (*blush...)
Thierry Amiel is a French singer and songwriter from Marseilles, France. He rose to fame after coming in second place on the first edition of "A La Recherche De La Nouvelle Star" (the French 'Pop Idol'). Quel si beau! Quel voix!

His duet with Lara Fabian is just superb:

[the song is about breaking up; but in the clip, Thierry & Lara sang as though they were not calling it quits but were much in love...]

- Tout, tout, tout est fini entre nous. Mais je garde l'espoir fou qu'un jour on redira Nous...

He is like a younger Jean-Jacques Goldman:


steph said...
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Elocin said...

Hello, just some new songs from
your and our favorite french singer