Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holy Cow! (oops Turkey!)

Thanksgiving (22 November) was spent in Connecticut with Steve's family. Instead of Steve driving us like last year, I 'flew' with my X-wing fighter to Waterbury and Ali remained in Bethlehem to spend Thanksgiving with his family.

New England is as picturesque as ever. How time flies since the last Thanksgiving! Mike (Steve's brother) and Linc (Steve's dad) looked slimmer. Rita (Steve's mum) was as stylish as ever. She even gave me goodies bags :) and Uncle Jaime did not grill me with his harsh political questions... *lol... he said he asked all those questions last year. Dinner at Juniper's (Steve's uncle's posh restaurant) was scrumptious and we had a lovely time. Supper at Beth's new gothic mansion was fun, with little Ava experimenting with the make-up set I gave her. Gosh, I will miss everyone when I leave the USA. It was surprising that I did not shed tears as I bid farewell. God willing, I will meet them again...

I also spent time at Zalman's in Hartford. As it was too cold, we just chilled at home, playing with Nuha, Naqib and baby Rayyan. I told Masyitah (Zalman's wife) how ironic that we would spent hours driving just to see each other but did not do the same in Singapore even though we lived so near... Does distance make the heart grow fonder?

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Kharuldin said...

Eva is so cute. I miss her and Matthew