Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Guggenheim

Due to the ongoing strike by the Broadway stagehands, my sorority sisters and I could not watch Mamma Mia! on Saturday. Instead we spent the afternoon (after a scrumptious French lunch at Le Rivage) at the Guggenheim. Ah… I simply love Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural style.

“The Guggenheim Museum is an embodiment of Wright's attempts to render the inherent plasticity of organic forms in architecture. His inverted ziggurat (a stepped or winding pyramidal temple of Babylonian origin) dispensed with the conventional approach to museum design, which led visitors through a series of interconnected rooms and forced them to retrace their steps when exiting. Instead, Wright whisked people to the top of the building via elevator, proceeding downward at a leisurely pace on the gentle slope of a continuous ramp.

The galleries were divided like the membranes in citrus fruit, with self-contained yet interdependent sections. The open rotunda afforded viewers the unique possibility of seeing several bays of work on different levels simultaneously. The spiral design recalled a nautilus shell, with continuous spaces flowing freely one into another.” - http://www.guggenheim.org/

I remember quoting Wright on my Gedung Kuning’s architecture page – “Noble life demands a noble architecture for noble uses of noble men. Lack of culture means what it has always meant: ignoble civilization and therefore imminent downfall."

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