Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Eagle and the Wolf

The wolf remembered the first time he laid eyes on the eagle. How elegant the eagle is, he thought. A creature so refined and revered for she is entrusted with the responsibility of carrying human wishes and prayers to the Creator. The wolf is in awe of the eagle that soars in the blue sky, stopping only to rest in her high nest.

The eagle catches the wolf staring at her. What an intelligent creature, she thought. So strong, dependable, though cunning. Yet she finds kindness in his eyes.

The wolf advances slowly towards her. Is she guarding her eggs? Or does she fly alone? The eagle gives the wolf a piercing stare. The wolf locks in her stare. The eagle vocalises. The wolf howls back. A conversation ensues.

The wolf walks to his lair in trepidation. The eagle looks away in the distance, a little confused yet rejuvenated...

*to be continued

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