Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wolverine & Jean Grey

My favourite 'couple' from the comics has always been Wolverine (Logan) & Jean Grey.

Jean Grey reminded me of this girl with striking features who was always teased for being intelligent, ambitious and idealistic. Misunderstood by some, my Jean Grey rises against all odds and is the epitome of understated beauty with a brilliant mind and a kind heart. It is she who put others before herself and sacrifices her own happiness for humanity.

Wolverine too reminded me of this boy whose cool, rugged outlook masks his deep affections for Jean Grey. Misunderstood by many as the wild spirit who is tormented by his past, my Wolverine is a caring and eloquent gentleman with a poetic soul.

Although in the X-men comics, Jean Grey married Cyclops, some believe it was Wolverine whom she truly loved. As for Wolverine, alas, no one, not even poets, knows how much a heart can hold...



"my Wolverine is a caring and eloquent gentleman with a poetic soul." Mine too...:) What a beautiful intro written by yourself, to a moving video :)

Stephanie Haile Google Me :)


Hiya! Thought I would let you know...I put a link up on my site to your awesome blog. Also, I absolutely think this video is brilliant and put that up as well...You rock! :)

Stephanie Haile

Hidayah Amin said...

Hi Stephanie

I'm glad to know that your Wolverine is as great as the character we all loved :)
Let's hope that my Jean Grey will listen to her heart and give Wolverine a chance.
Let's hope that my Wolverine too will realise how remarkable Jean Grey is and fight for her...