Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Eagle and the Wolf - Part 2

The eagle remembered the first time they laid eyes on each other. The stars must have aligned themselves, dancing to the tune of excited pheromones.
The wolf walked beside the eagle which while soaring low, stole glances at the intelligent and handsome creature. O how she was captivated by his presence.

The wolf too was enthralled by the elegant eagle. Many evenings were spent in deep conversations (the vocalising and howling were but music of the night). They were soulmates.

The eagle’s piercing eyes searches for the wolf. Her heart beats as loudly as the village drums at dusk. The eagle wonders... Is the wolf hurting in his lair? Does he not want to walk beside her anymore? Does he not miss her? Does the wolf know that the eagle too is wounded?

The eagle hangs her head low as she sadly flies away. She now understands how much the wolf means to her…

*to be continued


Rachid said...

Hey !! Is this story real ?

What's happening between the wolf and the eagle ? Why is this misunderstanding between them ?

Nice but sad story.

When will you be publishing Part 3 ? Hope it's gonna be a good ending one because obviously both of them are caring for the other one.

Take care.

JustDavid said...

Nice story. Sounds like a native American folk lore.