Monday, February 22, 2010

I dreamt of Emak

Last night, my father hit a car and all of us were stressed up...

What with all other matters weighing heavily in my head and heart, I suddenly dreamt of Emak. Emak picked me up in her car (she couldn't drive when she was alive) and I was gushing with happiness to see her. I hugged her and asked her for forgiveness. 

Emak then told me to wait with Hadi while she looked for something in the building. After a long while, we went to look for her. Someone told us Emak was hospitalised. We ran to the hospital (I didn't even care that I was barefooted). I saw Emak on the bed surrounded by some female relatives. Emak then hugged and kissed me, and told me how proud she was of her scholarly daughter. And as though she could sense the problems I was facing, she said, "Leave it to Allah."

I woke up crying. I miss my beloved mother, Asia Jofrie.


gbd said...

is that a pic of your mom? she's really pretty :)

hope ur doing well!

H. Fansuri said...

kirim salam kepada Emak Cik Idah jika bertemu dengannya di dalam mimpi