Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Daria's Rantings - 3 Little Pokemons

*I am posting this eleventh ranting as my alter-ego the misanthropic Daria Morgendorffer 

Once upon a time, there lived 3 Little Pikachus – Mama, Sis and Pidgey. Before Pidgey's father died, he told Pidgey to take care of Mama and his little Sis. Pidgey being the filial Pokemon promised that he would. Unfortunately Mama dan Sis manipulated Pidgy’s promise to their advantage.

Pidgey used to travel extensively across the Anime universe. He earned lots of Pokedex money which he spent on his family. Pidgey was such a well-breed Pokemon!

One day, Pidgey decided not to travel but to stay home with Mama who was frail and old. Really? She looked healthy and well-groomed when I met her recently, Seadra said. Anyway, Pidgey opened a trading cards shop. Pidgey was successful in the first year and let his sisters run the shop. When his debts began to pile up, his sisters stopped working for him. Pidgey’s friends ran away from him.

But friends like Vaporeon, Kabuto, Hoothoot, Mew, and Seadra tried helping. But Pidgey refused to see that the underlying problems were due to Mama and Sis. During the Conference of the Pokemons, they huddled together to discuss how they could help Pidgey.

Mew: How to run a business when he is always at home, leaving the shop closed for long periods?

Kabuto: I think he is complacent since he made lots of Pokedex money in the beginning.

Hoothoot: Still, he should work hard to advertise his cards, and not stay in shop reading Manga! Does he know what running a business entail?

Vaporeon: Well, he once told me haughtily, “Girl, I used to work for F J Benjamin, I know better than you”.

Seadra: Sigh. I heard Mama and Sis called him every 30 minutes asking him to run errands for them.

Mew: Isn’t Sis married? She can ask her husband to help her with her errands.

Seadra: Lazy Sis even asked Pidgey to send her kids to school, and buy her lunch daily. Once, I overheard his niece asking Pidgey to meet her at the bus-stop the next day to carry her violin case. That is why he is seldom at the shop.

Hoothoot: No sales. No money. He even borrowed money from poor me. Sob sob…

Vaporeon: You know, Pidgey borrowed so much money from others especially from the patient Kabuto.

Kabuto: I tried to help him but he is recalcitrant. I really need the money for my little Kabutops. Whenever I asked him to repay, Pidgey would weep and beg me to give him more time to repay. It has been years!

Mew: Oh dear. Pidgey won’t listen to our advice. He even accused Vaporean for stealing his money in the shop.

Vaporeon: Instead of thanking me for helping him, Pidgey accused me, oops, Mama told him that I will steal his gezillion Pokedex money! Petui!

Seadra: Why don’t we let Pidgey be? It’s obvious that he is blind to Mama’s manipulation and Sis’ fake bipolar disorder. We are the mean ones, he said.

Hoothoot: Drama. Drama. Drama.

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