Sunday, April 26, 2015

Oh my Tosh!

I don't quite fancy Jack Neo's films but I was pleasantly surprised by his Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen. Politics (lack of minority characters in the film etc.) and other serious critiques aside, the film was quite touching and inspiring. Spot on casting, human interest issues, redemption, and of course Warrant Alex Ong! Alex Ong (actor/rapper Tosh Zhang) uncannily reminded me of two Chinese boyfriends from my frivolous junior-college-university years. Like Alex, both were tall, lean, fit (those 6 packs!), sweet, firm yet shy, and intelligent. Ok, so the one who was a doctor was an #$%* who two-timed me. The other was a college athlete and an overall nice guy. was reliving my puppy love period through the film. *blush... 

Oh my Tosh, I am so crushing onto you... how, how? Perhaps, this is an intentional diversion from a current interest who also has a mole on his left cheek. Damn it lah.

To my old boyfriend 'Alex Ong' (1:01, 1:13. 1:49, 2:18 in the music video below), settled? Hooyah!

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