Wednesday, February 01, 2017

MMM (Mr Misogyny & Machiavellian)

Listening, watching and reading about the protests against Trump's inhumane policies, I suddenly thought of one MMM (Mr Misogyny & Machiavellian). I knew MMM from school and I thought that he was quite a nice guy. Ambitious yes, but so am I. Anyway, there were certain things that happened in the course of our friendship that made me distance myself from him. I should have done this much earlier but alas, I am soft-hearted. Among the many things he had said:

1. [When I got the Fulbright Scholarship]: Oh, I guess the Fulbright is not as prestigious as I thought it was.

2. I am thinking of perhaps changing my ethnicity to the ethnicity of my grandmother's. You know, for economic reason.

[My response: Ooi MMM, the biological family of your grandma threw her away, and our ethnic group raised her like she is one of us. And yet, you want to acknowledge that ethnic group who is known to abandon baby girls or worse, sell them off? What kind of person are you?]

3. What?! Me liking Hidayah? Eeehhh... When I look at her, I don't feel any lust towards her.

4. No wonder, she is not married! No man wants her... haha.

5. Someone told me that I look like [.....], the famous actor!

6. Humpphh, are you sure your great-grandfather bought Gedung Kuning (the Yellow Mansion)? 

7. Hidayah thinks she can change the world by studying at Cambridge?*

8. Hidayah is such a dreamer! Wanting to go to medical school and be a surgeon. Petui! She is not even smart and yet she wants to go to Harvard?**

Quel méchant! 

MMM, your behaviour is so not cool. You are tres Machiavellian that you put Niccolo to shame. God forbid, you turn into a little Trump-et!


*See poster. Yes, a lot of Cambridge graduates "change the world."

**When I told my friends that I got rejected from medical school, one of them emailed me: "I hope that you will not be discouraged, and will continue to realize your dream of becoming a doctor."
No one made fun of my medical school ambition but YOU. And how ironic that you married a doctor. 

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