Sunday, February 19, 2017

Story 7 - A (in)Sidious Game of Matchmaking

I know, I know... I said four stories. But it grew into six and now the seventh. Why? Coz I just remembered this story told by Mon Mothma. And because Cassian is still ignoring our advice! 

Mothma called the story, 'The Hypnotism of Adi Gallia'. Adi Gallia was a gorgeous woman, a brave warrior and a perfect candidate for a life partner. One day, Adi Gallia disappeared from her home in Coruscant. Her family later discovered her staying in the home of one Prince Xizor (who was of the Sidious clan. C'est pas vrai!). It was so unlike Adi Gallia to abandon her family and follow a random stranger.

So, Adi Gallia's brother made a report to the Jedi Council about her disappearance. However, as Adi Gallia willingly left home without any coercion from Prince Xizor, the Council could not investigate the case any further. 

Adi Gallia's brother needed to know if she was alright. He went to the Prince's castle and then saw Adi Gallia in full wedding attire. She was about to be married to the wealthy prince who was a great manipulator and leader of the Black Sun. Brother persuaded the Prince to let Adi Gallia go home to visit her father who was 'dying'. He promised to bring Adi Gallia back in a few hours time. Prince Xizor agreed. Brother quickly took the dazed-looking Adi Gallia back home where she was immediately helped by the family's priest. Suddenly Adi Gallia woke up from her stupor. According to the High Priest, Adi Gallia was hypnotised by the Prince so that she would marry him. Adi Gallia broken down when she found out what had happened to her. Thankfully, Brother acted fast, lest Adi Gallia would be cut off from her own family and be doomed to spend her lifetime in misery in an evil household.  

*Moral of the story: Desperate people will resort to any means, even hypnotism and dark magic to get what they want.

Cassian, we are not surprised if Father Sidious has resorted to such dark means, even in this day and age. A desperate man is a dangerous man

**Story is based on real events. Names are changed for privacy. 

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