Sunday, September 24, 2017

Dear (ex) Travel Mate

Dear (ex) Travel Mate, 

Where art thou? Have you found another travel partner? Or have I lost you to the world?

With the not-made-for-trekking El Naturalista shoes and a keffiyeh wrapped around my ala Ruby Rose hair, I started the trek through the "rose-red city half as old as time". I imagined life as a Nabataean in a period when time stood still. The breathtaking rock formations made my imagination run wild with excitement, with stories dancing in my head. I turned to you hoping to share those stories... but you were not there.

There was no Florence and the Machine singing "Wish that you were here". Rather Billie Ellish's enchanting voice whispering,
"But I remember you
Don't come back, it won't end well
But I wish you'd tell me too."

I went beyond the gorgeous Khazneh (Treasury), tanned, thirsty, tired but I carried on until I reached the highest point and came face to face with the magnificent Ad-Deir (the Monastery). It felt surreal. It was me, the mountains and God.

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