Sunday, September 24, 2017

Oh Anuar Zain!

Since this is Bulan Bahasa or the Malay Language month, let's talk about all things Malay. Yes, yes, my Bahasa book launch is in six day's time so let's skip the academic and political aspects of being Malay. Let's talk about Malay songs. 
I am a tad slow at catching up on the latest Malay songs. A few hours ago, while listening to Florence and the Machine, I noticed Anuar Zain's music video thumbnail on my iMac screen. I love Anuar's voice so I thought why not watch it. Tears welled up in my eyes. My heart was filled with sadness and a dozen other emotions - feelings that I thought I had banished away ever since the son of a Mr Anwar (how ironic) broke my heart.
My mind whirls to an imaginary Kanye-Kim proposal moment. Anuar Zain appears in Starbucks at Longwood Avenue while I am sipping my soy latte, trying to read from the 'Fundamentals of Surgery' book. Anuar starts singing 'Andainya Takdir' (If it is fated), in his melodious voice and everyone looks up. Anuar Zain is here, singing to me, the only Malay person at Starbucks? Tears flow down my cheek and as Anuar is finishing his song, Prince Charming appears beside Anuar, carrying a stalk of lilies. Prince smiles and ... 
... to be continued ... [just like Anuar Zain's music video]

Part 1: Andainya Takdir (If it is fated)

Part 2: Cinta Takkan Berakhir (Love never ends)

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