Friday, August 11, 2006

Adventure in the Big Apple

What a drama in the big Apple!

1) Never-ending jet lag... fatigue & interrupted ZZzzZz...
2) 'White man' instead of the 'Green man' on the traffic lights
3) The famed Bryant Park (nestled behind New York City Public Library & Manhattan skyscrapers) with its free internet wireless connection! Right now Carrie Underwood of American Idol fame is singing at the park as I type this.

4) Expensive mineral water (among other things)
5) Lost in transition at the Subway... screeching trains and mad rush...
6) Bad Burmese food & bland sandwiches (give me those hot sambal dishes anytime!)
7) Good Kosher food ... Shalom! Toda Raba!
8) Airport panic due to terror alert at JFK, La Guardia & Newark - "Ma'am, pls throw away all those liquids, lip balm and take off your shoes!"
9) Amazing Times Square
10) Scavenging in the Metropolitan Art Museum. Christian from Germany whispered "She's so competitive!"
11) Haunting Ground Zero
12) Intelligent yet down-to-earth Fulbrighters friends from around the world
13) Cute male Fulbrighters especially the one from Panama! *wink...
14) ... the list grows...

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