Friday, August 04, 2006

New York! New York!

The Big Apple beckons for the Fulbright Gateway Orientation. About 120 Fulbright Scholars from 48 countries will gather at the posh Roosevelt Hotel in Manhantan come 7 August.

The purpose of the Gateway Orientation is to provide a transition from our home country to life at our new university. It will be a fast-paced program, comprised of sessions on Fulbright goals and identity, academic integrity, cross-cultural awareness, US academic research systems and graduate student survival skills. The Gateway also provides the opportunity to create lasting friendships and networks with fellow Fulbrighters.

I hope I will survive the 24 hours flight from Singapore-Narita-Chicago-NY... I heard it is scorching in NY... hotter than Aceh and Cambodia in summer... sweat sweat sweat...

Goodbye Punggol Garden, hello 45 East 45th Street. Watch out America, the next Iacocca is heading your way! :)

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