Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Of deers, groundhog & Iacocca

I'm still feeling fatigue, nausea and drowsy... sigh... I got to get over the prolonged jet lag... School's starting soon and I have to be in good shape to 'trek' up the mountain top. I do need a car badly...

The Desirs (Philip & Alo), my nice host family-landlord drove me to see my campus for the first time last night. There were some ancient castle-like buildings. Of course I saw deers and groundhog along the long uphill drive to Iacocca Hall. Iacocca Hall is fascinating. Besides my great-grandfather, Haji Yusoff, Iacocca is now my second role model.

1) Lido Anthony "Lee" Iacocca born in Allentown, Pennsylvania is an American industrialist.
2) Among the most widely recognized businessmen in the world, Iacocca is the former chairman of Chrysler Corporation.
3) Iacocca led the funding campaign to expand Lehigh University into buildings formerly owned by Bethlehem Steel. Iacocca Hall on the mountain top Campus of Lehigh University houses the College of Education, the biology and chemical engineering departments, and The Iacocca Institute, which is focused on global competitiveness.

I hope I can be the next Iacocca and be the pride of Lehigh University and Fulbrighters worldwide!

*For more info about Haji Yusoff, pls. visit www.gedungkuning.com

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