Friday, October 13, 2006

Soup Kitchens

Lehigh University students take on Washington DC [DC Serve Fall 2006]
Lisa, Xochitl, Cheryl, Ali & Hidayah spent 4 days during the Pacing Break to volunteer at the following places:

Martha's Table: a non-profit organization founded in 1980 dedicated to fulfilling the needs of low-income and homeless children, families and individuals. McKenna's Wagon (7 days-a-week) mobile soup kitchen feeds the hungry and homeless at 9 locations in DC.

Dinner Program for Homeless Women: a non-profit organization providing hot, nutritionous dinner and social services to 60-90 homeless women and their children. Together with Zacchaeus Kitchen, the Dinner Program also serves breakfast to an average of 275 men and women a day, 6 days a week.

Capital Area Food Bank: the largest, public, non-profit food and nutrition education resource in the Metro Area. They distribute millions of pounds of food to the community and educate thousands of local residents on hunger, poverty and nutrition issues.

*Hidayah has done some reflection from her experience and would like to start a similar program under her Gedung Kuning Foundation. Pls. email her at if you are keen to hear her thoughts on the homeless problem and how we all can help.

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kak mid said...

i admire your determination and your courage to face the poor and often forgotten. reading your article prompted me to pick up a movie today and as i watched it this afternoon, i am reminded of how little we, as Muslims, really show the charitable nature of our religion. i wonder how many homeless muslims are out there in this country if at all documented? could that be sth to ponder seriously and do sth about?