Thursday, October 12, 2006

Washington DC

We spent our rest time from working in the homeless shelter to soak in the sights and sounds of USA's capital. Ahh... those lovely monuments and fascinating museums...

Who can forget:
1) Whirlwind driving and getting lost in DC, Maryland, Virginia (the Pentagon!) & historic Bristol (!?); yet no one complained :)
2) Drinking Chai tea and eating yummy Nepali-Indian food (especially after fasting and being tempted by all those delicious food we prepared at the shelter)
3) Trying to finish endless Lehigh's assignments while we were there (yeah right)
4) Reflecting on our experience volunteering at the various shelter
5) Trying to catch some ZzZzz...
 amidst loud snoring
6) Cutting, washing, cleaning, packing, serving food... all in the name of humanity
7) "Igor, where are you?", "Ali, hurry up!"
8) Lawyer Marc & preppy Frenchman... alas, I live in Pennsylvania...
9) Craig from Montana on a secret rendezvous with Alice... *wink...
10) Carlos, the silent room-mate in suit and tie!

Lisa, Xochitl, Cheryl, Ali & Igor (our Croatian friend), thanks for being such good sports! I miss you all :(

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