Monday, December 01, 2008

The Eagle and the Wolf - Part 3

The eagle remembered how her heart skipped a beat when she first saw the wolf. The wolf stops in his track. He stares at the eagle which majestically rests on the rock with the reddish skyline behind her. The eagle vocalises and flaps her wings anxiously. The wolf remains cold and distant. The eagle turns away and glances disappointingly at the setting sun.
The canyon is quiet, only Demon Wind is whispering little stories to his Prairie Rose. Oh, how sad they seem, Demon Wind tells Prairie Rose. Both so intelligent, kind and in love, yet so unforgiving now.

The eagle looks in the distance and flies away. The elusive wolf howls, a haunting sound that makes Prairie Rose weep. Oh why can they not see beyond their differences? Are they not soulmates?

Prairie Rose tells Demon Wind to catch the eagle from flying off far away. And as for the wolf, perhaps he will soon realise how much the eagle means to him...

*the end... or to be continued(?)


Putri Ibrizah Zahariman said...

Dear Hidayah,
You asked me before whether you should continue. Well...I said continue then, and I said continue now.

Hidayah Amin said...

Dear Kak P
Only poets know how much the heart can hold. As to whether the story will all depends... Is the Wind Demon able to catch up with the eagle? Are the howlings symbolic of the wolf's longing for the eagle? Is the Prairie Rose able to bring colours to the otherwise stark landscape? 'tis the winter of their discontentment.

Putri Ibrizah Zahariman said...

So deep, so deep...the deeper it gets, the more exciting it is, isn't it. I still hold to my point. Can see a great talent & genuine sincerity.