Monday, December 01, 2008

A Gift from the Heart

It has been more than 5 months since Emak's death. I just couldn't bring myself to blog again. After all, this blog was started for Emak who wanted me to update her about my life. Life is empty without Emak. One night, I saw my brother Hadi standing outside my bedroom door hugging Emak's pillow. He said tearfully, "I miss Emak". Our sobbing broke the silence of the night. Emak's siblings too felt her lost tremendously. Sometimes, my aunts and uncles cried whenever they talked about her.

I recently received a card from Habitat for Humanity of Lehigh Valley, "A Gift from the Heart Builds a House".
"In loving memory of Asia Jofrie, a contribution has been made to Habitat for Humanity by Alpha Delta Kappa, International Honorary Organization for Women Educators to help a family in need build a decent, affordable home"

My sorority knew I had volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in Louisiana and perhaps they wanted to immortalise a good deed by including Emak. Thank you ADK sisters. And thank you to those who remembered Emak in their prayers...

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