Sunday, July 08, 2007

Reaching for the next star

Of late, there have been some cynics who spoke with much discouragement of my dreams. Obviously they have forgotten of how Lee Kuan Yew (Singapore's former Prime Minister) ignored all criticisms and transformed Singapore (which has no natural resources) into a first world country within 30 years of independence.

The Nepalis said, "It is the mind that wins or loses". I had once scaled the Everest region, despite chest pain and near death experiences and I shall exercise that same determination and perseverance in reaching for my next star.
Nenek advised me to stay away from negative people. She encouraged me to always "usaha & doa" (strive & pray). So dear cynics, I will quietly distant myself from you. Remember, at least I dare to sail across the constellation, something that you are not even brave enough to dream.

First, they ignore you,
then they ridicule you,
then they fight you,
then you win.

~ Gandhi


Siti said...

Dear Hidayah, I've read your blog and browsed your Gudang Kuning website and a few of your other links with much awe and interest. You have accomplished a laudable lot. I am certain that you are only at the beginning of your journey and nothing is out of your reach, if you reach far enough. I don't know who your cynics are but no one who dare to dream and seek to attain their dreams would ever crush another's effort to achieve theirs...

So leave the cynics in their complacency and keep moving ahead. Betul tu apa yang nenek kata :o)

Hidayah Amin said...

Dear Siti

Thanks for the kind words... really appreciate them. God willing, I will not give up my dreams. Pls. pray for my success. May Allah bless you and make your journey through life easier.

Just Ekeland said...
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Hidayah Amin said...

Dear Assad
Long time no hear! How I miss our trekking days, muumuu and Masala tea...
Pls. email me. I want to hear about your adventure too. And good luck with your PhD! I'm sure you'll do extremely well. We had braved the harsh winter of the Himalayas & hellish Portse Tenga, the ivory tower should not be that difficult, right? :)