Sunday, July 01, 2007

Shalom Fresh Meadows!

I'm finally here, my new residence at 65-11, 180th St. Fresh Meadows! I left PA at dawn with all my stuff in my car (Kak Alo & Philip drove ahead of me with all my stuff in their car too!). The panoramic view of Manhattan in the morning mist was simply breathtaking.

I was controlling my tears when Kak Alo told Kak Waty, "Take care of my grown-up daughter, ok?" Kak Alo & Philip, I love you dearly!
I met Devi who stays in the other room in my cosy basement apartment. Devi is stylish, neat and nice. Kak Waty's family who live upstairs is also very welcoming. And guess what? I spoke some Hebrew to the neighbours next door, Ani lo medaberet ivrit! The house I'm staying in is 3 doors from the Utopia Jewish Center. Ahah... looks like I'll get some practice with the neighbours. While running this morning, I bumped into Yichhak's brother who greeted me Boker Tov.

Ken! Hidayah the intern has started her New York adventure with her first daily morning run :)

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