Sunday, July 08, 2007

United Nations, Nations Unies

I started my pro-bono UN internship with the NGO Section, Department of Public Information in New York on Monday, July 2.
Friends asked, "Is it worth it, 6 months of no-pay & no benefits living in the world's most expensive city?"
Alexa, the intern from Paris lamented, "Is it worth it, us with our Master degrees slaving sans salaire?"
Let's hope the UN experience is worth the sacrifice.

During Ustaz Hannan's family visit to the UN, his precocious 5 year-old son asked, "How come Malay is not one of the official languages here?". I smiled and told him, "When I become the Secretary-General of UN, that will be one of the things I will implement!"

+ Malay (& Bahasa Indonesia) is spoken by about 350 million people.

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