Monday, February 23, 2015

Daria's Rantings - P = Polan

*I am posting this tenth ranting as my alter-ego the misanthropic Daria Morgendorffer 

Meet P - not Pan, but looks like Pettigrew from the Harry Potter saga. P = Polan (Polan means ‘So and So’). Polan likened himself to Adonis. “Many girls like me”, “Some don’t even mind being my second, third wives”, “I told them, we can have fun, no strings attached.”… Polan bragged about his fancy cars, his many university degrees, his pedigree (in his society, having both parents as teachers seems a big thing), his affiliations, his golf membership, and how he was headhunted into accepting his current big position.

Blurghh, vomit.

Polan appeared in many newspapers articles and television programmes. Almost like Anderson Cooper (minus the gorgeous bit). What he lacked in height (short) and weight (chubby), he made it up with his seriousness and politician-like mannerisms. According to him, he was invited to have coffee with some politicians hoping to lure him into office. Well, that didn’t materialise. Maybe those politicians had uncovered his dirty laundry.

One day, I was awarded the Prestigious Scholarship (surprise, surprise). At the same time, Polan embarked on his god-knows-number-what degree.

Polan: “I’m very proud of you, you got this incredible opportunity to be in the big league… Education is very important. You know, even though I earned a lot, I have lots of expenses. I can’t afford to pay for my first term’s fees. Could you lend me some money?”

I am one who believed that money shouldn’t be a hindrance to seek knowledge, and I gave him my pound sterlings. Since he promised to pay me back, I parted with my own savings for school so that he could also attend school. How naively kind.

When I was away struggling to make ends meet, I received an email from Polan saying that he had difficulties paying his second term fees and would I be kind enough to transfer some money to him? Again, wanting to help, I did. I thought, I had all the email evidence about the loan and USD wire transfer documents, so there was no way he wouldn’t pay me back.

I was wrong. When I returned home and demanded my money, Polan said, “No, you gave me the money out of your love for me. After all, we were in a relationship…”

WTF. What relationship!? I began hounding him to pay me back. Polan verbally abused me and even spread malicious rumours that I was so in love with him and “she left town broken-hearted because I rejected her”. Since when was the Prestigious Scholarship a back-up plan for a broken heart? I had applied for it long before meeting Polan! 

I threatened to take Polan to the Small Claims Court. He begged me to allow him to pay in instalments. When that didn’t happen, I wanted to lodge a formal complaint. During that period, my mother passed away, and I couldn’t handle any more drama.

Dear Polan,
I have decided not to take you to the Small Claims Court, but to a higher court – God’s Court. I do not forgive you for the hurt you had caused me and the money you owed me. See you in the Hereafter before the Almighty who will definitely punish you.

Polan went berserk and ranted in his emails which I deleted. No point dealing with villains. They will get their just retribution in time. 

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