Friday, February 13, 2015

Peanut Butter

It's ironic that my first blog post for 2015 is a Not-For-Valentine-Day's story. The last few months of 2014 and January 2015 kept me so busy that I almost abandoned this blog (yea, I have other websites and FB to update). Then, as I was going through my documents in my computer, I came across File: Fou. What was that? I opened it and voila... scribblings from 2 years ago.

Yep. We all have been 'fou' many times... (*Fou = Crazy en francais) 


Charlie Brown once said that nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love. Well-said Charlie Brown, except that ...
1. I don't really fancy peanut butter.
2. I'm beginning to believe that epic love (and the unrequited bit) only exists in movies like The Vampire Diaries.

Me disillusioned? I'd rather work on something tangible than put in ALL that effort in relationships only to find my heart shred to pieces. Despite some hurtful experience and disappointment with men, I told myself that I just haven't met my Prince Charming yet. Although I got excited knowing that about 20 guys on Romance@UCam find me attractive, I've more or less given up in meeting my soul mate. Sure whatever.

Last Sunday evening, I met up with someone who is working on a similar project as I am. Let's call him Chong Beng (my imaginary friend in my Gedung Kuning book). Although it was not a date but a brief chat over tea, I felt a little nervous. Sure we attended the same school and had the uncanny coincidence of almost going to the same US graduate school, employment office etc. but our paths didn't cross until that evening. During the conversation, we found out that we had the same supervisor at university. Ahh, I did remember my professor telling me about Chong Beng and how we should get in touch to discuss our research interest. 

So we met for the first time, talked (I talk too much, I know. He was probably taken aback by my venting-against-the-unfair-political-system) and if either one of us was nervous, it definitely didn't show. It seemed as if we had been friends. It felt comfortable. I found Chong Beng to be nice, humble, gentlemanly and of course his Ivy-league education and international exposure certainly shined through in our discussion. Sure he could do with a better haircut and lose that little tummy, but as we walked towards the porch, I actually smiled when I saw that he stood at a kissable height.

Damn, I think I'm crushing a bit (*blush). Sorry Prof, I don't think it'd have worked out (assuming that there is even any interest on his part). We're from two different worlds and a boy like that... well, would have already been spoken for. Don't mind me while I eat that peanut butter and watch The Vampire Diaries.  

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